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As a previous drug and alcohol counselor and current financial coach, I have a unique way to teach finances. I focus not only on the how-to's but also the underlying psychological reasons why you are having issues budgeting and getting into debt. All of my courses focus on both the how-to and the mental barriers that keep us in debt and unable to see lasting financial change.

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Hi, I'm Lauren, and I've been using my love of finance to help others for the last 10 years. Join me in my online community or for a virtual class and start working your way to your finance goals.


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What other people are saying:


"Lauren is the Brene Brown of Personal Finance! Before HER, I had the pressure every single day on how to manage money. The way she breaks everything down to a manageable level each week makes it so easy to tackle. The pressure is now gone and the plan is in action. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."



"Very enlightening, empowering, and life-changing. The step-by-step course teaches you a very practical and doable approach to money management. I have read several books and read other websites, but the CRUSH YOUR DEBT Course really put it all together in a supportive and encouraging package."